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The Treasure Valley's destination for personal training, kettlebell and bodyweight mobility classes

A2O Fitness - Personal Training, Kettlebell Classes & Group Fitness





The Treasure Valley's destination for personal training, kettlebell and bodyweight mobility classes.

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Jennifer Ludington

Jenn is the Owner and Chief Fitness Officer of A2O Fitness. After changing her lifestyle from the corporate grind to the fitness industry Jennifer decided that the health and wellness field was her true passion. After motivating others to make positive changes in their lives she realized that fitness was and could be life changing. She began her fitness career competing in figure and fitness competitions and has since found a balance for herself and her clients. She loves empowering others through the gift of fitness and proper nutrition, where she focuses on intensity in her training technique combined with customized approach to nutrition. Her motto for herself and her clients is intensity + consistency = results.

James Allen Stanton

James "Evil Jimmi" Stanton is a savage with a 20+ year history of throwing around heavy things made out of metal.  He received his first taste of elite strength & conditioning via his high school weight training coach and mentor--needing only two lifts to enter the 1,000-pound club by graduation: the Squat and the Deadlift.

Nine years into a "5-year plan" working in the tech industry he decided to seek new adventures and walked away from the cube farm - straight up "Office Space" style - never looking back.  And what he would find would reignite his fiery inner passion for slinging around heavy objects forged from iron and steel...enter the Kettlebell.

Jimmi has spent more than seven intensive months training 5 to 6 days a week with World Kettlebell Club Strength & Conditioning Coach, CrossFit Kettlebell Trainer, and friend to A2O Fitness Jim Beaumont.  And now our hero--with a body full of broken bones, herniated disks, and reconstructed joints all mended, bolstered and made bulletproof through Kettlebell training is more savage than ever before!

He's now with us at A2O Fitness to bring an elite level of fitness that can only be developed through high-level Kettlebell training.  For those of you with enough moxie to accept the challenge, the gauntlet has been thrown down!

Abi Delfico

Abi has been involved in health and fitness for most of her life; gymnastics, basketball, track and soccer filled her youth.  Overcoming asthma, injuries and concussions, she learned the importance of incorporating fitness as a lifelong lifestyle. Wanting to share her passion of healthy living with others she become certified as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Currently, she is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, AFAA Group Fitness Instructor and Yoga Alliance Certified 200 Hour Instructor. Abi earned a BA in Spanish in Hawai'i and Puerto Rico, and professional health and fitness experience in New York and Boise.  From yoga to metabolic conditioning, Abi is dedicated to making a difference in someone's life through health and fitness.

"Live what you love and your energy will be contagious and magnetic."

Credentials and Certifications: NASM CPT, AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor,  Equinox Fitness Training Institute CPT; Deep Extreme Instructor; MetCon Instructor; Definitions Instructor; Adrenaline Instructor; Move and Groove Instructor; TRX Certified Instructor, Piyo Certified Instructor, Cardio Kickboxing Certified Instructor, CPR/AED and First Aid Certified, IDEA Health and Fitness Association Member, AFAA Member, Hot Yoga Certified Teacher, Youth Yoga Teacher and Pure Barre Instructor


Heather Eastman

I earned my National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) certification in personal training while finishing my bachelors degree at UCLA.  My passion for public health led me to pursue a full-time career as a personal trainer.  As my knowledge base grew, I acquired further certifications as an ACE Group Exercise Leader, a Certified Spinning Instructor, a Level 1 CrossFit Instructor, a NASM CPT, and a certified Stroops trainer.  

I began my training career at the John Wooden Athletic Center on the UCLA campus where I had the opportunity to meet some of the top health and fitness professionals in Southern California. I moved to Idaho in the fall of 2006, and since then have called the Treasure Valley home.  In my career as a trainer and health coach I've had the opportunity to work with prominent members of the local health and fitness community, including Axiom,, Idaho Athletic Club, and Gold's Gym. I've worked with local high schools as a track and field coach, and I've developed fitness and coaching programs and content for companies based in Utah, Nevada, and California. 

I've trained clients and athletes for everything from ultra marathons to bodybuilding, and developed a niche for helping each client find that perfect balance between work, rest, fitness and play. I have a lot of energy and a passion which I use to take care of and motivate those around me.  My mission is to take the work out of getting fit and healthy so my clients, friends and family can truly enjoy the process of living a full and active life.

Will Meyers

Will Meyers is a health, fitness, and athletics enthusiast; a coach/trainer/friend to all those who want to reach their health/wellness and fitness goals. Sports specific training specializes in cardiovascular endurance. He is also a specialist in strength, circuit training, and injury recovery/prevention training.  Certified Personal Trainer. A.C.E. Certification through the NCCA program, (National Commission for Certifying Agency) which is the most widely recognized in the industry. 

Bachelor's Degree: UC Santa Barbara Marketing and Advertising; Robie Creek 1/2 Marathon top 150 finishers 2014; College D-1 Athlete 2008 2nd Place fastest 2 mile sprint 11.42; 2003-lead goal scorer; Coaches Award-2001 

“Consider myself an athlete for sure. Lived for athletics throughout my life, accident prone, I visited my Sports P.T. on the regular. My experiences in life have helped me become more knowledgeable then most people in my field.”

Gina Day-Price

Gina is our Operations Manager, Marketing & Social Media Director.  Her day job is an insurance broker but her passion is fitness and nutrition.  She understands the impact of fitness and nutrition on well-being and loves to share her passion with others.

Nutrition Certification from Washington State University

Megan Stright

A mountain girl at heart, Megan has always turned to movement and physical activity to help keep her balanced in life. She knows from experience how difficult it can be to balance a busy career, family, kids, etc., but also how vital physical health is to one's overall well being. Practicing as a social worker and working in healthcare administration for the past decade. Megan is passionate about the connection between our physical, social and emotional health, and the importance of taking care of the WHOLE self.

Megan has been a lifelong athlete and loves the challendge and energy she's found trianing with the elite trainers at A2O. She hopes to help share the knowledge she's gained from her trainers/coaches, Abi Delfico and Jimmi Stantion, with others in an environment that's upbeat, fun, supportive, and challenges each person to meet their unique goals.




Personal training by appointment only.

We offer a variety of classes. Participate in a workout that will get your heart pumping and endorphins flowing. Classes are structured to integrate intensity with the support and motivation of a team atmosphere, while providing various progressions to accommodate people or different fitness levels.

Our full shower facilities allow you to workout during lunch hour and head back to work or home to finish your day.


Unlimited Monthly Classes

$129—Monthly Unlimited with 1 yr Contract
$149—Monthly Unlimited

Drop-in Classes

$15—Single Class
$70—5 Class Package
$130—10 Class Package First class free for Treasure Valley residents - new clients only


Don't be afraid to fail.

Be afraid not to try.

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