Four Fall Fitness Focuses by Stuart MacEwan

  1. The Holidays are coming!  Families will be traveling to see you and kitchens will go into overdrive to fill those visiting tummies.  This is when the slow-cooker can save the day and your holiday waist-line.  It’s easy to follow a simple recipe for an always available meal and snack choice for your family.  Go to to find a variety of meals that your can leave simmering all day.  Hungry family members simply grab a bowl as the day goes by for a healthy and tummy warming snack in between meals.   Pro-tip… the meats and vegetables that are used in many crockpot soups and stews are very cost effective and can feed a lot of people for the price!
  2. Seasonal depression isn’t fun, but getting through it doesn’t have to be a drag.  Seasonal affective disorder is a real thing…  I’ve watched and worked with plenty of folk who feel as grey inside as the clouds in the sky outside.  Its been pointed out that when the sun doesn’t shine for a few weeks, a few trips to the local tanning bed can boost your vitamin D production and help with the moodiness; not everyone likes the potential tanning bed skin issues though.  A proven way of fighting that depression off is by exercising and staying active.  Many profess that hot yoga loosens the muscles, thaws the joints and provides an hour of respite from gloomy skies.  Grabbing a friend or simply joining an boot camp class by yourself can kick moodiness in the tail by pumping up your heart rate. Buff up your body while rubbing elbows with other “not going to take cold weather lying down” folks of similar mind.  See the classes that A2O offers for mornings, afternoons, nights and weekends to get you out of the house and into a positive energy workout.
  3. Staying trim can be hard while the pumpkin pie and gravy boat is making the rounds.  It’s very difficult to stay focused on eating for your health while making the holiday trips to friends homes.  A suggestion to head off trouble is to never leave the house hungry.  Before going over to another home for a holiday visit, make sure to eat a small meal first.  This will curb your appetite at your friends house so that you can eat smaller portions of the foods there without stuffing yourself due to hunger.  Pro-tip… don’t fill up all the way before visiting with friends.  Nobody likes to hear how you can’t sample their lovingly made foods just because you are full from earlier.  That’s a bad guest.  Instead, just eat enough to fill up half way.  That way you can snack lightly and eat small portion sizes and be sociable without gorging.  
  4. Prepare for fall and winter activities now!   I train quite a bonafied ski hounds at A2O.  In preparation for the winter season (pray for snow), we are starting this month to do mobility, flexibility and strength conditioning to ensure their bodies are completely prepared to handle the rigors of a full ski season.  A good winter program should include heavy weights to increase bone density, muscle capacity and tendon strength to enable an increased workload.  Be sure to include a variety of cardio and weight conditioning to prepare your body to jump, twist and rotate.  Lastly, remember to get as trim as possible to look good in your snowsuit and put less stress on your joints as you navigate the slopes.  Once again, A2O handles all of these priorities professionally with our 1 on 1 training programs, boot camps and nutritional counseling.  See you soon!
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