Move of the Month - Lunges by Zoe Anderson

Lunges are a versatile, quintessential exercise for strong, shapely quadriceps and hamstrings and a powerful, good looking booty. Lunges are especially excellent because they require no equipment, can be done virtually anywhere, and are extremely effective when performed correctly.

To perform a successful lunge, maintain an upright and erect upper body, keep core engaged, draw shoulders down and back away from the ears. Take a fairly large step straight forward, planting the stepping foot with toes facing forward. Allow the hip and knee of the stepping leg to flex. The lead knee should track toward the toes but shouldn't pass them. Both knees should flex until they reach 90 degrees of flexion. There's a sweet spot for the step length that will make it possible for both knees to flex to right angles. Keep torso perpendicular by sitting back on the trailing leg, engaging core, and maintaining proper shoulder position. Complete the lunge by stepping the front leg back to starting position.

When the basic lunge had been mastered, spice it up by trying one of the many variations, including: reverse lunges, side lunges, lunges with a barbell,  lunges with dumbbells, lunges with a kettlebell, alternating lunges, walking lunges, or lunge split jumps. The possibilities are endless!

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