Fitness Tips After Having a Baby by Nataucha Christoffersen

Our resident expert on all things pre and post pregnancy, Nataucha Christoffersen, Personal Trainer and new mom, would like to share some tips and tricks she has learned along the way during her journey through a healthy and fit pregnancy and how she bounced back just four months after giving birth! 

Having a baby was the greatest, most life changing thing that has happened to me as woman. My perspective on life, health and wellness has changed entirely. I've always considered the gym my life, my passion and at times my second home. Now that I have my sweet baby boy I don't forsee time allowing the gym to be my second home, but I'm still craving my gym "fix".  

At first, I was really hard on myself because I couldn't get the motivation to go to the gym nor did I want to leave my baby.  It took about three months for me to get my energy back. I changed my mentality and realized I had to work with what time allowed. My workouts are now done at home so I can keep a close eye on my baby while he sleeps. They are quick, 30 minutes to an hour max.

While I reached my pre baby weight rather quickly, my body is not the same. I lost a lot of muscle and am working on gaining it back. My advice to new moms is be gentle on yourself and allow some time to get back into the swing of things. Don't wish to be the same as you once were. WIsh for a happier. healthier you, both mentally and physically. Having my beautiful baby boy allowed me to see how strong and amazing the female body is. When it comes to eating, EAT!  Don't even think about dieting just eat nutrient dense foods, especially if you are breastfeeding.  


1. Don't be to hard on yourself

2. Breastfeed, eat  and drink lots of water 

3. Eat a lot of proteins and healthy fats

4. Find ways to incorporate your baby in the workouts

5. Every time you change a diaper, do some kind of exercise such as 10 squats and pushups

6. Have fun and enjoy 

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