Going Steady: Benefits After Habitual Practice Benefits of Yoga - Part 2 of 3 by Abi Delfico

Congratulations, you've been going steady with your yoga relationship for a few months now. Maybe it's the Savasana (aka nap time for some of you) at the end of practice that hooked you. Or possibly the infancy of flexibility in those hamstrings and mobility in those shoulders? Whatever it may be, stick with it, because you are soaking in a load of benefits!

-Anxiety Relief: No worries! Through breath, relaxation techniques, and certain poses, a regular practice can positively effect mood, depression, anxiety, stress levels, sleep, and a number of other neurological disorders.

-Improved Lung Capacity: Do you Pranayama? Most often translated from Sanskrit as "mastery of the life force", or simply deep controlled breathing. Becoming aware of how you inhale and exhale can increase habitual diaphragmatic breathing and decrease shallow breaths. 

-Reduced Chronic Neck and Back Pains: Be your own chiropractor. Certain poses accentuate spinal alignment, as well as core and back strength. Regular practice will unravel kinks, help prevent the hunchback computer syndrome and restore posture. 

-Improved Body Awareness: Coordination and balance are built from the ground up. Being barefoot helps build and improve such neuromuscular connections and proprioception. The union of mind-body connections may be tedious or awkward at first. Imagine waking up those lazy muscles like replacing old light bulbs. After a yoga practice those light bulbs turn on, and the physical and mental bodies are united. Yoga-high anyone?

The benefits continue to grow the longer you practice. It is a relationship of growth, the more areas of yoga studied or practiced the more you will learn about yourself. Stay tuned for the Benefits of Yoga Part III...

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