Eternal Bliss: Long Term Benefits of Yoga - Part 3 of 3 by Abi Delfico

Many master yogis are known for living long healthy lives while continuing to teach and practice through their 80s and beyond. Maybe you are not quite a master yogi yet, but don't give up your benefits will continue to reward you as you age (like fine wine). So how can these crazy yoga people maintain overall wellness through longevity, while the majority of the population struggles with chronic back pains, injuries and lack of sleep?

First, a quick review on benefits after the first few yoga sessions, as they only build:        -Improve Posture, Balance and Mobility

-Aid in Circulatory and Respiratory Health

-Decrease Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Now, lets explore some of the Long Term Benefits of Yoga:
-Asana (Physical practice), Pranayama (Breath), and Meditation set yoga apart from other forms of exercise as they work synergistically together to have healing qualities on the mind and body, potentially delaying the aging process

-Lower Metabolic Rates, or decreased sympathetic nervous system activity achieved through deep meditation and breathing techniques. 

-Increased Melatonin Levels, produced by the Pineal Gland is linked with the sleep cycle and is associated with the body's natural immunity. Through moderate physical activity combined with mediation, a higher sense of well-being is achieved 

-Achieving Bliss, or the highest form of self is a goal in yoga. (Being super happy that your team won the big game, or he bought you flowers doesn't cut it). True bliss takes relentless dedication to mediation, and years of practice.

Keep in mind yoga is a practice, it won't get boring because it will never be perfect, enjoy the ride!


Interested to keep learning about yoga (not just the 'merican way?)

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