Move of the Month - Dumbbell Clean and Press by Stuart MacEwan

The Dumbbell Clean and Press is a movement that I use with every one of my clients regardless of their age, strength, or agility.  It’s a complete exercise that works the entire body.  It has a bit of a learning curve, but when practiced a few times I can see the light bulbs going off in my clients as they put the whole movement together. 

Start with a 10lb db for ladies, and a 20lb db for athletic men.  Take a broad stance with your feet wider than your shoulders.  The hand with the db starts on the ground in between your legs.  The other arm is stretched out before you for balance.  Drop your hips into a low squat (hips parallel or below knees) and make sure your heels are on the ground to evenly distribute your weight across the entire bottom of your foot.  Keep your eyes up and your back straight; no rounded backs here!  Start by standing up at a moderate speed keeping your db arm extended straight towards the ground.  When you stand up fully, start/keep the db arm moving up your body leading with your elbow.  Once the db is about shoulder height, rotate your arm underneath the db to “catch” the db on your shoulder.  This is your “catch” position.   

Now, bend your knees and jump up a little to give the db a little push to help your arm extend and put the db over your head.  This is the end of the movement.  To reset, simply drop your arm down close by your body until you squat low again with the db between your legs in your starting position.  You have now completed 1x rep.   

I have my clients do 10x reps with each arm for 1x set.  We usually do 3-4x sets mixed in with our other exercises as part of a circuit series.   

The purpose of the exercise is to teach a client how to squat low and use the hips and legs to help move an object from the ground to a shoulder, and then to an overhead position.  It teaches the whole body to move as one unit and compliments a leg/shoulder weight lifting day.  Try this exercise to experience its ability to make you balance, huff and puff, and burn some energy. 

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