Move of the Month - The Art of Crawling by Abi Delfico

Why crawl?
Simply one of the most basic movement patterns aiding in total functional strength, mobility and overall athletic performance.

It builds foundational, developmental and reflexive strength and stability. The contralateral movement of crawling (opposite limbs moving  in sync) stimulates communication between the right and left brain hemispheres.

Such increased body awareness, coordination and core stability acts as a physical and mental reset. This facilitates corrective posture in daily activity and physical training.
How to crawl:
There are a variety of styles of crawling, all of which will benefit you if they include: Contralateral movement (opposite hand/arm and foot/leg). Assume a table-top position, hover knees and practice lifting Right hand/Left foot a few inches, then switch Left hand/Right foot. Keep hips stable and spine active. Practice with head up, chest up and hips low. Don't over think it and have fun experimenting!
Crawling can be integrated as a warm up/cool down to your training or as a part of your routine. Crawl a few times a week to see and feel the immediate and long term effects.
If interested in beginning or progressing your crawl, Primal Yoga Class/Private sessions with Abi are available.

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