The Sit-Up Stand-Up...Just in time for Valentines Day by Stuart MacEwan

For the month of February we are looking at an exercise that requires two persons; perfect for couples that like to workout together.  If you are single, you better start asking people out or you cannot partake in the awesomeness that is the “sit up – stand up”. 

The situp – standup has a few variations that you can see if you google the exercise.  We will focus on the exercise that requires the primary exerciser to do a full situp and then a full standup (also known as a Mayweather situp). 

To begin the exercise, start by having the primary exerciser lay on a mat as if they are getting ready to do a standard old fashioned situp.  The helper then sits gently on the exercisers toes with his/her legs in a big “v” alongside the prone exerciser.  Don’t really sit on the exercisers toes as much as use your upper inner thighs to cement the exercisers feet to the floor.  Next, the assister will gently grab/cup the exercisers calves with each hand and lean away from the exerciser in preparation to use his/her upper torso and arms to assist the exerciser when he/she tries to situp – standup.  The assister is now in the proper ready position.

The exercise begins when the exerciser performs an energetic situp and uses the momentum to then actually stand all the way up (without hitting, slapping, grabbing or otherwise molesting the assistant… be careful buddy!)  Once standing, the exerciser then carefully sits back down and returns to his supine beginning situp position.  Repeating this exercise 20x times is enough to make anyone invent new curse words while appreciating his newly aching thighs and abs. 

Tips to try – the assistant should develop a sense for how much or how little to assist the exerciser.  Use a deft touch in assisting the exerciser by using your upper body weight to help the exerciser just enough to stand up.  Don’t lean back so far that the exerciser falls on you… that’s bad and embarrassing.  Be a good assister and help just enough to get the exerciser all the way up, but not enough to rob them of the actual work of the motion. 

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