Member Spotlight - Scott Madison

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Tell us about yourself.

I am an Idaho native who grew up in VERY small town in Eastern Idaho (Terreton), attended the University of Idaho and moved to Boise 30 years ago. I consider myself very fortunate to have lived my entire life in Idaho, and to live in Boise at this time of exciting change and growth.

I have been married for 23 years and have a 16 year old daughter who attends Bishop Kelly High School. I have been lucky enough to have traveled extensively in North America, Europe, Hawaii, and South America. My favorite international cities visited have been Barcelona, Spain and Istanbul, Turkey

I Nordic and downhill ski during the winter and golf in the summer. I run, practice yoga and workout year around.

What's your favorite way to work out and why?

My favorite work out is a trail run in the Boise foothills followed by a HMKB class. Unfortunately given my work and travel schedule, this doesn’t happen very often.   I have to fit my running, fitness and yoga classes in with family and work obligations. 

What brought you to A2O Fitness?

In 2012 after completing a four year process of losing a significant amount of weight, I was looking to improve my physical fineness level.  Allison Nuxoll recommended A2O as a unique gym which provided great training and group classes. 

In your opinion, what makes A2O unique?

The caring community atmosphere and the open attitude of all the trainers and customers. The recent remodel and increase in class offerings is taking the A2O to a whole new level which will be unrivaled in Boise. 

Why should someone consider coming to A2O?

Someone looking to improve their fitness level and overall lifestyle. A2O offers a non-threating atmosphere for everyone with trainers who truly care about the health and fitness of their clients. There is also now a great assortment of unique training classes available.

 Have you experience changes in your level of fitness or strength since working with the trainers at A2O?

Yes!!!   In the four years I have been regularly working out at A2O, my strength and physical endurance have increased substantially.  I am in significantly better complete physical shape. My ability to perform difficult physical exercises is not comparable to where I was four years ago.  This is testament to the A2O philosophy of training and physical fitness.  I have achieved these results at time in my life when advancing age can have significant negative impacts on the body.

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