Terri Schroeder - First Place Pro!

This says it in a sentence. The journey to the top of my sport was the true reward in my accomplishment. I learned that no matter how hard something may be, it is just that in which you persevere through, that will lead you to the magic on the other side. Be it beautiful muscle or a beautiful life, it is all the same and just as hard.

I started lifting weights when I was 48 and within 9 months my trainer, Miss Jenn, said "I have to get you on stage!" I said, "Ha, not on your life will I get on stage in a 'string and stone' at 50 years old!" With that said, my journey began and my determination to feel 'confident and that I belonged on that stage' began. After 8 years of competing and 20+ shows, on July 19, 2015 I reached my goal of Professional Athlete. I had made it to the playground of the 'magic on the other side'.

This year I competed in two professional competitions and the last show in August of 2016 I place first, I WON! My ultimate goal! The feelings are indescribable and the reward I will carry with me everyday of my life, forever as I apply what I learned and what it took to become a professional athlete to every aspect of my life. Never, never, never give up, dig deep and be open and humble! I live in gratitude and comfort knowing that anything is possible! 

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