Move of the Month - The Man-Maker by Stuart MacEwan

Let’s start by saying that I dislike the name of this exercise. It’s a stupid name. I feel dumb saying it every time I tell a client about it. However, that seems to be its official name as evidenced by its widespread usage and its search-ability on google. If you want to start a grass-roots campaign to rename it, I’m game. Let’s call it the ‘total body ass kicker’. It’s a much more honest appraisal of the movement anyhow.

The TBAK strings together a dumbbell push-press, a burpie, pushups and 1-arm dumbbell rows. It is a very fast way to use very single muscle in your body and burns quite a bit of energy. It can fit quite nicely into a circuit that needs a cardio and strength movement. I like to put it right after squats, and just before an ab exercise. Or I have someone with a bad attitude do it for 60 seconds; it makes everyone cheer up immediately.

To start you will need 2x dumbbells. The round ones work, but really the hex shaped dumbbells offer more stability when you use them for your pushups and 1-arm rows. Try to find the hex ones.

Start in a standing position with both dumbbells at your shoulder. Pop your hips and push the dumbbells into a shoulder press. Immediately drop into a pushup position with your hands using the dumbbells for support. Do a pushup followed by 1x arm doing a 1-arm dumbbell row. Do another pushup and then row with the other arm. Do a final pushup, then jump to your feet with the dumbbells still in your grip. Curl the dumbbells back to your shoulders and you have just completed rep one. Try to build up to 6-10x reps. Be careful when doing the pushup or 1-arm row not to let the dumbbell become unstable or roll away from you. That would be bad. Try to push hard through the exercise without dying or throwing up. That would be bad too.


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