Member Spotlight - Megan Stright

Why do you choose to come to A2O?

There are many reasons that I chose A20, but really it comes down to the people. The trainers are the absolute best-incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and able to adapt to any persons starting place and goals. The clients that train at A20 are an inspiring, hardworking and fun group-many of which I now call friends. 

What I've been able to achieve with the help of A20 is what keeps me coming back. I was an athlete growing up, and loved the continual challenge of gaining skills and strength in the various sports I played. Once I hit college I lost that, and working out became focused on body image, which just isn't the greatest motivator by itself. At A20 I've regained that sense of athleticism, the drive to become stronger, and learn and improve new skills. The trainers and fellow A20 people provide and environment where I always feel encouraged and challenged. 

How have you grown/changed/challenged yourself since you've been here?

Most importantly, A20 has given me an entirely new perspective on fitness. Before A20, exercise had become a means to an end. I knew it was good for me, and that to stay in shape I should do something. So I ran, but I didn't love it, and there wasn't much value attached to it other than trying to not gain a few lbs. 

My fitness now means building confidence, challenging myself to do things I've never done before, and exceeding goals I've set. Being able to do that behind a barbell/kettlebell, so to say, has translated into building confidence in other areas of my life as well, like my career. 

What's a favorite memory here?

Ah, there are too many!!! We've had some great laughs during our ladies night 90's mix tape sessions with Abi, learning to may Thai kick with Stuart (so fun!), watching people like Jena kill it in the squat rack (ya morning crew!), doing a 44 lb TGU and it feeling relatively easy,  watching Bre be an absolute bada*s in her workouts with Will, laughing at Jimmi when he gives you one of his maniacal grins, working out to raise money for one of the many charities A2O supports. 

What would you like to see more of in the future?

New faces! A2O seems to attract some of the coolest and most inspirational people in Boise, and I love it when new people start coming. 

Thank you for making A2O the amazing place it is, my home away from home, my friends, and my therapy.

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