Move of the Month - Dumbbell Side Twist by Stuart MacEwan

This challenging little exercise is a great tool to use in-between other larger exercises like pushups and situps to challenge your core and arm/shoulder musculature.  It isn't a power move, but rather a suspension/endurance and balance movement, which is why it pairs so well with more dynamic power moves.  You might feel awkward the first few times you try it, but keep practicing and you will be doing this exercise smoothly in no time. 

Start with a light weight dumbbell.  Most women can use a 5lb weight and most men an 8lb.  For this exercise you will only need 1 dumbbell.

Get into a pushup position, fully supported onto your hands and toes.  Grab the dumbbell with one hand.  Bring the dumbbell off the ground 1 inch.  With one arm supporting your body on the ground, use the other arm to rotate the dumbbell away from your torso until your arm is pointing toward the ceiling.  Your entire torso should uniformly rotate to follow your elevated arm.  Hold this position for 2 seconds, bearing all your weight on your support arm that touches the floor.  Then slowly rotate your torso and arm back down to face the ground.  It is important to note that the dumbbell should not touch the ground, but rather stay suspended 1 inch above the ground for the duration of the set.  Repeat the torso twisting motion 10x for one side, the switch the dumbbell to the other hand and repeat for another 10x reps.  

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