Member Spotlight - Mark Lavin

When did you come to Boise and why? My dad’s job brought my family and I to Boise in 1979.  I was just starting high school.  Since then, I moved away for college and work four different times, but I have always returned to Boise.  This is my home.  I don’t want to live anywhere else.

What are your favorite things to do in Boise?  I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.  I love to ride my bikes around the Boise area.  Boise is a great place to ride.  I enjoy hanging out in downtown Boise when I can.  I also enjoy attending sporting events in the area, primarily those of my kids.

Have you ever traveled to other countries?  Yes.  Which was your favorite?  I really enjoyed Italy.  The people are incredibly friendly and the architecture and history are amazing.

Do you have kids?  Yes.  My wife, Vicci (an A2O regular), and I have four children and two dogs.  Who are they?  We have a daughter, Courtney (21), and three sons, Dylan (23), Justin (18), and Garrett (12).  Garrett still lives at home, but the rest are in college or out of the house!  We have two dogs - Cooper and Mazey - brother and sister Morkies.  

What's your favorite way to workout and why?  Riding a bike somewhere in the streets or up in the foothills.  It’s a great way to see things around here and it’s great exercise.

What brought you to A2O Fitness? Greg Goins (an A2O regular) suggested it to me because I was looking to improve my fitness. 

In your opinion, what makes A2O unique?  A2O has great trainers.  I enjoy attending Jimmi Stanton’s Heavy Metal Kettle Bell classes at noon.  Jimmi is extremely knowledgeable and is always teaching us new things.  A2O seems to attract good students, too, which gives it a good vibe.

Why should someone consider coming to A20?  It’s a very friendly place with great, knowledgeable trainers.  If you follow instruction well, your fitness will improve tremendously.

Have you experienced a change in your level of fitness or strength since working with the trainers at A2O?  Yes.  My functional strength for everyday living has improved a lot.  I don’t have the aches and pains that I used to have periodically, like lower back pain.  I have also improved my strength and endurance as a cyclist, which I attribute to attending Jimmi’s class at least 10 times per month.

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