Member Spotlight - Cindy Armstrong

What brought you to A2O Fitness?

I met Jennifer Ludington about 3+ years ago when she came to our studio, Tri-Digital Group, seeking photography to market A20 Fitness & Greg Sims started working out with Jenn & took Jimmi's HMKB class....he told my husband, Jim, & I how great it was so we, being intrigued, started up & we LOVE it!

In your opinion, what makes A2O unique?

The fact that the trainers are all about you performing the exercises correctly & the comradery between both the trainers & the great group of people that work out at A20!

Why should someone consider coming to A20?

Great instruction, challenging workouts & again great people!

Have you experienced a change in your level of fitness or strength since working with the trainers at A2O?

Absolutely! I remember after a year of Jimmi's HMKB classes, I was in Sun Valley walking on an icy road after an afternoon of snowshoeing & my foot slipped on the ice & I went down on my knees, it tweaked my lower back, but I was able to get up & shake it off, no pain.  If that had happened a year prior, I would have been on ice & seeing a chiropractor!!

What's your favorite way to work out and why?

Strength training for sure and currently Stuart is working with me to incorporate some cardio without having me experience a vasovagal syncope episode.  I have become a science project/challenge to Stuart! I am grateful for his patience & his hard work in tailoring the right workout for me! I feel that this type of help would be hard to come by in a large gym atmosphere. 

Tell us a little about yourself. 

We moved here from Chicago in 98' haven't regretted it since!  I love fall in Boise, Art in the Park, Hyde Park Festival, Shakespeare Festival, floating the river & riding my cruiser on the greenbelt!  I’ve travelled Greece, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, & Mexico; being Greek my favorite is Greece of course!  We have 3 fur babies:  Toula, our yellow Lab, & two nutty felines, Smootch & Ernie.

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