How To Set Your Goal For Our 60 Day Challenge by Stuart MacEwan

A well-chosen fitness goal should be challenging, but possible. It should have a sense of urgency and  require patience to achieve. It should be focused and specific so that you know when you’ve reached your goal. For the purposes of our challenge your goal should be measured by health or strength achievements, not weight loss.

The difference in setting a goal for health and strength versus weight loss is in how you think of fitness results. Those who think in terms of health and strength goals measure success by becoming a better athlete, which is a lifelong process with no ending point. A person who sets weight loss goals is thinking of a target and the pursuit of fitness usually slows, detours or stops if or when the goal is reached. Health and strength goals help you view your life as a continual series of effort and achievement. Weight loss goals create the mentality that fitness is something to suffer for a short period of time until a specific weight is reached. Fitness then becomes a non-priority, it becomes temporary, you have a short sighted view where you end up gaining and losing the same 10 lbs over and over again. Temporary fitness is a mentality that we at A2O Fitness refuse to fall into.  We believe in a lifelong path of continually challenging yourself physically, of setting and achieving goals that allow you to  live a boundless life of fitness and health.   

With this information in mind, ask yourself what motivates you? What person in the gym inspires you with their daily fitness practices?  What health or fitness goal scares you a little bit?  Take a few days to see if anything comes to mind.  Having trouble deciding?  Don’t worry; follow these steps to set a reasonable yet attainable goal for our 60 Day Challenge.

  1. Look at a person in the gym who exercises like you wish you did or someone else that you admire their healthy lifestyle. Whether it’s a heavy lift, an explosive jump, a great free throw or a terrific tennis serve…if you like it, how can we make it possible for you to achieve? For example, I wanted to get better at jujitsu so began thinking about what I wanted to improve on with a jujitsu goal in mind. 
  2. Set your goal to a level that is achievable within 60 days of focused work.  It’s important to be realistic about your goal.  Your goal should be something that you practice or participate  in several times a week to improve on.   
  3. Your goal should scare you just a little. You should feel a little nervous about how hard you will have to work on reaching the performance bar you set for yourself.  The idea is to discover something about yourself and your character while you work on improving your fitness.  I chose to do a Jujitsu competition in April, that’s a little scary. 
  4. Get a calendar and start writing down your workouts.  Workouts don’t just happen by themselves.  You will need to set aside time to develop your body and abilities.  By setting aside time in your schedule you will remove the excuse of “no time” that can derail you. I made myself put Jujitsu practice in my schedule indefinitely 3x a week, so that I wouldn’t forget or skip it. 
  5. Make time in each workout to specifically work towards your goal.  Personally, I practice my chosen improvement area first thing in the morning when I’m fresh and most able to do well.  For example, if I want to do 5 perfect form pull-ups, I would practice several sets of pull-ups after I arrive at the gym, before starting the rest of my workout.  
  6. Announce your goal to the world.  Be accountable in both word and action. You are more likely to stay on track by sharing your intent with people you respect.  I put my goal up on the A2O mirror along with everyone else’s.  I can’t back out now can I? 
  7. Make it fun. Fitness is hard work, but it doesn’t have to be drudgery all the time. Invite friends to join you in your workouts. Take time to reward yourself each week for working towards your goal; go to a movie, get new workout clothes or relax at home and enjoy some quiet time. 

We will encourage and support you as you work to achieve your 60 Day Challenge goal.   Don’t be surprised when you see others, trainer and client, working on their goals right along side you!  We got this!

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