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Explosive Jump & Speed Training with Plyo Boxes - FREE SEMINAR!

  • Gym Outfitters 1852 S Century Way Boise, ID 83709 USA (map)
Plyo Boxes -- also known as Jump Boxes or Plyometric Platforms -- are a powerful tool for developing vertical jumping ability; increasing foot speed; improving cardiovascular endurance; and bolstering overall leg strength and health.

Basic programming with plyo boxes will utilize muscle strength and gravity to work both forward and lateral jumping drills -- the ubiquitous "box jump" is a great example of this type of training. However, a creative mind can develop plyo box programming for the entire body. A...ltitude Drops, Depth Jumps, Blast-Offs, Step-Ups, Split Squats, and Upper Extremity Steps are just a few of the options available for full-body speed, power, and endurance training with plyo boxes.

Training with plyo boxes can be taken to even more advanced levels through programming complexes that include resistance training and ballistic bodyweight movements. Burpee Box Jumps and Weighted Step-Ups are two of the more common movements in this paradigm. You are limited by only your imagination when it comes to plyo box training.