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Meet the Creator of FitFUEL


Jennifer Ludington is the Owner and Chief Fitness Officer of A2O Fitness.  After changing her lifestyle from the corporate grind to the fitness industry Jennifer decided that the health and wellness field was her true passion. After motivating others to make positive changes in their lives she realized that fitness is life changing.  She loves empowering others through the gift of fitness. Jennifer is an advocate of the basic evolutionary approach towards proper nutrition and combines that with intensity in her training style to inspire her clients to change their health for life.

Through this journey she came to realize that people need an easy option for fueling their workouts, healthy lifestyles and daily adventures.  Most traditional protein bars are high in sugars, artificial ingredients and contain wheat and dairy products.  She wanted a higher protein, higher fat bar that would exceed her own personal expectations of what a nutrition bar should be…NUTRITIOUS yet delicious.  FitFuel bars are designed with both in mind and We DARE You to try them.