Falling Into Fitness by Jennifer Ludington

“Falling into fitness” I mean that in a literal and figurative sense. This time of year we tend to go back to our tried and true routine, the same routine that year after year we “fall” into. This type of mindset can push you back into the same routine that you know all too well OR you can embrace the changing of the seasons and CHANGE your fitness pattern.

Changing your routine has a multitude of physical and mental benefits. Human nature is to go back to what we know and what we are comfortable with, even if it isn’t the best route to meet your goals. This type of thinking translates to more than just the physical aspect of our lives. We go on autopilot, head straight for the easiest route, the road most traveled. What if you made a different choice this fall? What if you did everything different than you have in the past, to be the healthiest, fittest and most joyous person you can be? We believe this kind of mental shift is important for not only your physical health and fitness, but your emotional and mental health as well.

I find that when I take the challenging route, the one rarely traveled, my physical body and level of fitness changes to meet the demands I place on it. This change also simultaneously elevates my emotional and mental health. Of course this change tends to be the most arduous, the most challenging to navigate, it’s never certain or safe and it has many obstacles to overcome. Once you tap into this self-awareness, your confidence, your unique rhythm, your personal cadence, your find that your mental focus sharpens, your body reacts and the scope of what you thought you could accomplish broadens. I believe the ability to pushing ourselves physically can be a pathway to a more joyous and content life.  I promise you can accomplish much more than you think! 

The power to live your best life can start with one single choice. I challenge you to “Fall” forward, to leave the past routine behind and take the path less traveled; the one that won’t be easy, the one that involves lots of sweat, time management, schedule juggling and possibly even tears. Have you always wanted to run a race but let your self-imposed obstacles derail you? Have you always wanted to learn to ski, play golf, or improve your health? The change of seasons is an opportunity to make these changes, changes that impact your health, your level of fitness, your life. 

I remember a quote from High School, “If it’s going to be it begins with me”. I have no idea if the quote is from a notable source or where it came from, but I still remember it.  It may sound a bit melodramatic but I go back to it often.  I am the only one in control of my behavior and if something is going to change for the better or for the worse it begins with me. Take control of your choices, own them and be accountable to yourself; choose to take the challenging path.

In health and fitness - Jennifer Ludington

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