At A2O’s FitFuel we strive to motivate people to change their health and wellness through integrity based nutrition choices that are designed to elicit positive change, acting as a catalyst to better lives through fitness and evolutionary based nutrition. 

At FitFuel we encourage you to FUEL the Adrenaline of your workouts, your life and your daily adventures.   FitFUEL does not believe in counting calories, we only count nutrition. We believe food is the key to a balanced healthy active lifestyle and our FitFuel bars are designed as the proper FUEL to increase performance, strength and energy.

About Us

We utilize whole foods with minimal artificial ingredients. Our bars are based with vegetable (vegan) protein, without the use of any dairy, egg, added sugar, gluten or wheat. All natural honey and pure stevia are used as the sweeteners and all nut butters are ground from their natural state free of any preservatives. Our nut butters are locally sourced from City Peanut Shop in downtown Boise and our honey comes from Fit to Eat Honey in Emmett, Idaho.

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We encourage the bars to be frozen for longer storage. The bars are free of added stabilizers; therefore, our FitFUEL bars do not have the same shelf life as traditional protein bars on the market.

We offer four varieties of FitFUEL bars:  Chocolate Coconut Crunch, Coconut Cookie, Chocolate No Bake, and Peanut Butter Oatmeal.  All bars are free of GMO's.

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