I have been attending Jimmi Stanton’s Kettle Bell classes at A2O for over three years.  My functional strength for everyday living has improved dramatically.  I highly recommend A2O for the great trainers, who attract great students.  A2O has a great vibe.

Mark Lavin - 10/5/16


At the beginning, I was very nervous at the thought of going to A20 as I do not like and am intimidated by gyms.  However, A20 is nothing like a typical gym. The trainers are knowledgeable and welcoming and take the time to say hello and introduce clients to each other.  All the clients I have met are very friendly.  One, who I don’t know, gave me positive feedback on my workout.  It’s definitely a family-like atmosphere. 

Stuart MacEwan was recommended to me and if you are looking for a trainer, I highly recommend.  He’s an incredible trainer with a lot of patience whose main focus is correct form.  He re-explain things to make sure I understand the exercise and what is expected from me and pushed me further than I ever imagined I could be pushed.  He is extremely passionate about his clients and job and always has a smile on his face.  A certified trainer and nutritionist, Stuart was able adjust my diet to complement my strength training.  We worked together and I achieved my short-term goal and we're now working on my long-term goal. 

I never thought I would drive from Meridian to downtown Boise to work out, but not only do I make the drive, I enjoy my workout and feel very comfortable there.  I encourage you to talk to Stuart, he truly is the best!

Pattie Walker - 12/15/15

Stuart MacEwan became my friend and trainer almost two years ago.  I came to him with a shoulder injury that prevented me from doing many movements. Stuart's skill and knowledge helped me through this painful injury.  I am now fully functional thanks to Stuart.  Working with Stuart has not only helped my physical body but my psychological side as well.  I have found great confidence through our challenging workouts.

Stuart encourages me and pushes me when I need it.  I have found great passion from lifting weights.   I can do things I never dreamed of and will continue to do so.  I now know my strength and it has been a life changer My entire family plus a few friends now train with Stuart.  If you are looking for someone to reach all your physical and nutritional needs, he is the best!!!!

Nicole Strickland 12/17/15

This is a long time coming, but there couldn’t be a better time to share this than during the month that is focused on gratitude, because that is exactly what I am: tremendously, incredibly, grateful.

I believe there are certain people placed in our lives for a reason, and Abi Delfico is one of those people for me. Years ago I met Abi at the zoo (as we both attempted to wear out our then 3 year old boys), and last year I re-met Abi at Hollywood Market Yoga. She quickly became one of absolute favorite yoga teachers; her classes never fail to leave me feeling re-energized, calm, and centered. Spend even a little time with Abi, and you’ll quickly notice her gracefulness, power, and humbleness-on and off the mat.

Yoga has been a part of my life for a long time now, but looking for something a little more, I approached Abi about A20. I was nervous and scared, but I am so glad I did. Abi was immediately encouraging, and my good friend and I started working out with Abi in June. Working with Abi is more than just a good workout. She’s incredibly knowledgeable, has improved my movement patterns tremendously, will push you to excel at things you didn’t even know you could do. But most importantly, she’s kind, a constant cheerleader, and generous with her time and attention.  There aren’t enough words to completely describe Abi, but to say that she is the absolute best.

The time between now and June really isn’t that long, but somehow in that time I sincerely feel I’ve gained a second family, or maybe better, a tribe. In addition to working with Abi I started working with Stuart MacEwan. There could not be a more genuine guy. Stuart never fails to make 6:00 am workouts fun, but more importantly he makes me feel welcomed, every.single.time I walk in the door. And I see him do that with every person that walks through the doors, he genuinely cares about the people he works with, and it shows, big time.  He takes time to get to know you, and his big heart is just as impressive as his wealth of knowledge about fitness and health.

I’m not exactly sure where the name Evil Jimmi came from, because James Stanton is one of the kindest people I know. I’m guessing it likely has something to do with the kind way in which he’s able to absolutely crush you with just 2 compound movements. I’d watched from Jimmi and his HMKB crew from a distance for a few months before I finally gathered the courage to give it a try. Jimmi immediately offered to show me the HMKB ropes (or bells), and was very intentional in making sure I was doing the movements safely. He’s incredibly knowledgeable, he’s encouraging, and he’ll even lend you supplies to take care of your hands.  J I’ve quickly become a huge fan of Jimmi’s HMKB classes, as they’re challenging, fun, and have been big differentiator in helping me build strength.

And as if this dynamic trio isn’t enough, add Sarah Traughber to list of absolutely amazing trainers at A20. It’s has always stood out to me how Sara makes a point of thanking me for coming to class, when I get there and when I’m leaving. I think just that action alone speaks to Sara’s kind heart. She’ll kick your booty, but I’m almost always smiling while she’s doing it because she makes a point of making things fun and encouraging for those around her. Sara is always looking for the positive and the good in things, and it’s contagious.

Long story short, from my experience, if you have a fitness goal, A20 can absolutely help you meet and exceed it. I’ve been an athlete my whole life, but I’ve never even come close to being as strong as I am now. And as Jimmi once said to me, everything is better when you’re stronger. I absolutely agree.  But more importantly, I am incredibly grateful for and beyond blessed by the people that make A20 what it is. You are my tribe.

Abi, Stuart, Jimmi: Wow. There seriously aren’t words for how grateful I am for all of you. I am so blessed to have you 3 as “coaches” and even more blessed to consider you friends. Your generosity is seriously humbling, and I can’t thank you enough.

Jen, a million thanks aren’t enough. Thank you for creating this amazing place in our community. It is a gem, and I am so blessed to have found it and be a part of it. We don’t know each other well, but I know that to have attracted all of these people, not just the trainers but the people that choose to come here, speaks volumes about you.  

11/5/15 – Megan Stright

I'm a 53 year old Amateur athlete. For the past 20 years I have been heavily involved with competitive Slalom Water-Skiing. Weight , Strength, and stamina are huge issues in this sport, and as I have gotten older all three have become challenges for me. Enter A2O FitnessJennifer Ludington and Sara “my trainer” Traughber. All the trainers at A2O are very friendly and positive people. I rarely enter the gym without 3 to 4 greetings. These people notice you and care about you. I have probably gained at least 7 pounds of muscle tissue in the last 4 months and yet have lost 8 pounds of body weight all without dieting. Sarah knows just what I need weather it’s a really good run or a heavy leg lift. I haven’t felt this good in years and am now able to get through my workouts with little rest. She watches me closely for injury and fatigue and truly has my best welfare at heart. 2 016 brings Western Regional Water-ski Championships to Boise along with USA Water-skis national Championships in August. This is a once in a lifetime event in Idaho and I know I am in the best hands with Sarah and Jenn at A2O for prep.

You know everyone always says that everything happens for a reason. I don’t believe that. I believe LIFE happens for a reason, and life is full of relationships and experiences and many trials. What we do with all of those is what makes LIFE fun and worthwhile. I am addicted to A2O and what they do with the physical part of LIFE. Sarah and Jenn you are a big reason for that.

Mark Munson -October 14, 2015

I started lifting at A2O a few months ago. I had finished 2 years of physical therapy and body work for a frozen shoulder and low back problems. Both were very painful. I couldn't even reach down to the ground to pick up a pencil. Two years off from regular exercising was such a drag that I found it difficult to get motivated again. I had taught dance and exercise classes for 20 plus years.  Now I needed weight training to protect my body from injury.  Finally ready to workout, I signed up at A2O for a personal trainer and got Damir. He was great! He was careful of my injuries yet pushed me not to baby myself. He moved on to grad school and set me up with trainer Sara Traugher and a group of people to work out with. To my surprise I'm getting stronger!! I feel happier and I'm excited to meet my new friends at A2O for a workout. 

Jole Voulis - September 18, 2015

After Kathy's back surgery, the surgeon recommended a personal trainer to help strengthen her body and improve balance. Elton joined her once he saw the improvements she made. Working with a trainer, using stretching, balancing, basic yoga, muscle maintenance and cardio work - all tailored to our age (74) and physical conditions - we have found restored strength, increased energy and stamina, and improved balance. We continue to work with our trainer, Stacey Novak, to maintain our health and well-being, allowing us to keep doing the things we like. The investment has proven to be worth every penny and minute we have put into it.

Kathy & Elton - August 24, 2015

I just wanted to share, since it was my last day with Damir, I've gone from 18% Body Fat to 14% in 8 weeks! My goal was 15% before my 31st birthday, which is Sunday! I can't wait to see what I can do when I keep going.  I start training with Sara next week! Time for new goals... Thanks for all your inspiration, having the greatest gym around, and getting me set up with D. It's amazing!

Tara Penland - 8/13/15

"The most fit people in Boise train at A2O fitness! With that being said, I was slightly intimidated to start my journey here. I was relatively fit when I started training at A2O, (I am a dedicated yogi and runner) but I had decided that I needed to start doing resistance training to get the results that I truly desired. I've only been training for 2 months here and I have seen exponential results in my muscle tone, body fat percentage, diet, and confidence level. I've lost inches and even a little bit of weight! If you feel good in your body it really does help you succeed in all areas of your life. I love the support and accountability you have at A2O from the trainers and even my fellow trainees. Who knew it could be so much fun to workout harder than I ever have before?"

Alice Allen - 8/3/15

I started training with Damir in November of 2014 at A2O fitness.  I was only planning to train with Damir for 3 months or so; I had a temporary work assignment in downtown Boise and A2O was more convenient than my previous fitness facility and personal trainer during that time.  However, now I can't see myself ever leaving A2O!  This is a great place to be a part of.  The most positive and supportive environment I've ever trained in.  Everyone there, trainers and clients, want to see you succeed at whatever your goals are.  There is no competition or feeling uncomfortable.  You feel proud, supported and motivated.  Jennifer has created the ideal environment for getting healthy and meeting your goals.  And I can't say enough about Damir.  He is a fantastic person and personal trainer; knowledgeable and always prepared.  He pushes me hard but is so encouraging and supportive.  I've gotten stronger, gained muscle and lost fat in the few short months I've worked with him.  I always look forward to seeing him each week and I leave feeling accomplished and strong.  I am so glad to have found him and A2O!

Monica Cockerille – 5/1/15

Sam Winston is amazing only three sessions in and already seeing great results!

Nicki Mai Venem - 4/30/15

I have been training with Bre since May 2014 and I am incredibly grateful for the positive impact it has had on my life!  I have never felt stronger, I have learned what a truly challenging workout is (and that a positive attitude makes it so much more rewarding), I have learned the benefits gained from pushing myself, and I have learned that I actually can do pull-ups!  I have worked out with other trainers in the past but this is the longest I have ever stuck with a fitness routine and I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that Bre makes sure every workout is different but still very challenging, and she always encourages me to push myself beyond what I think my limits are.  So I owe a huge thanks to Bre and the great team at A2O!

Whitney Fouser - 4/14/15

Since December 2012, I have regularly attended classes at A2O Fitness. During this time, I have significantly increased my strength and fitness levels. The classes,  HMKB with Jimmi, Power Hour with Chuck and Yoga with Abi are always challenging and fun. Unlike some of my other fitness activities, I always look forward to my classes at A2O (well almost always) :)

I want to thank Jennifer and the the trainers at A2O for creating a welcoming and supportive atmosphere.  I would recommend anyone looking to improve their fitness level to check out the best training gym in Boise-A20 Fitness.

Scott Madison - 2/8/15

It was my first class with Zoe and she was great! She offered plenty of encouragement and alternatives to more advanced moves.

Holli W - 1/29/15

I started working with Jennifer on Dec. 19, 2014.  At that time I weight 306 pounds.  I had stopped exercising, and was gaining weight and expanding out of my clothes. I needed a change!  After talking with Jennifer, I could see she was a true nutritional expert. She talked me through the change in eating habits, and let me know about some of the effects it would have on my body. Though a challenging diet, I had her ultra-positive support and insight to encourage me.

The first week my body went through a planned detox, and I found I had more energy and I was losing weight. I lost 5 pounds the first week, and 15 pounds in the second week, and then it just kept coming off.  I have now lost 31 pounds as of January 26th.  That's 31 pounds in 37 days.

I feel great and I am really excited to be able to be more active, without the weight weighing me down!!! My clothes are loose now, and I am fitting into some older ones!

Jennifer is the absolute best I have ever seen at understanding and catering a diet program that will help you lose weight quickly. I highly recommend her to anyone who is serious about losing weight and positively changing the way the view and see food! Thanks Jennifer - I am so grateful for your help!  You are a NUTRITIONAL ROCK STAR!

Joe Anderson  - 1/27/15

She LOVED it. Just what she wanted. Charity was awesome and she is excited about setting goals and getting stronger!

Nancy Murrin - 1/22/15 regarding A2O Girls

Chuck Hayes has been kicking butt this week!  He is pushing us hard, which is awesome!  Love him and class.  Big thanks to all of the team at A2O Fitness.

Allison Nuxoll - 11/14/14

10 pounds down!  After 6 weeks of A2O Power Hour classes with Chuck Hayes and nutrition advice from Jennifer Ludington.  I always look forward to my Power Hour class days.  It's the first time in my life I've ever stuck to a routine.  My body is changing every week.  Chuck is motivating, inspiring and fun.  Fit is where it's at!  Thank you Jennifer for creating such a great place.  It's more than a workout and I truly love it.  Thanks A2O!

Heidi Lane -11/13/14

I recently was ask to reflect on the changes that I've made the past 6 months or so, and at the risk of "horn toot," fatigue, I'll do it here.

For Jluds and Evil Jimmi, who started it all.

I started training with James Allen Stanton and Jennifer Ludington at A20 fitness because my kids were worried about me-they didn't say it quite so candidly, but I think they thought I was going to die because I was so really fat. I started at A20 because I was struck to the bone, kids aren't supposed to worry about their Father like that, over being so obese. It wasn't until I had lost 25 pounds that I started to realize that I was working for me too, and Anna who loves me at any size, quite inexplicably.

Beginning a training program when you're more than 100 pounds heavier than you were in your 20's and 30's is more than difficult-it's mortifying, embarrassing and feels dangerous. Laying down on you back and then getting back up, without any weight at all, is more than difficult, it' almost impossible, you huff and puff, cramp up, you have to literally roll over or have someone help you up. Squatting is ridiculous, push ups are few and pullups are out of the question. The first month or so are an exercise in self ridicule, (How did you let yourself get this way?) People are watching when you rip the entire back of your shorts doing a squat with just your own bodyweight. They smile, mostly encouragingly, but if they're in shape, you imagine that they're embarrassed of you and for you.

Changing what and when you eat is excruciating just from the physiology of it, you've been putting far too much carbs and sugar and shit in your body and your body doesn't want you to change that. Your body craves the crap cause it's been engineered to taste good and get you hooked all while it's killing you.

So, after losing more than 60 pounds of fat (and gaining "at least" 15 of muscle) here's what the hard work means:

Very simply, while it is hard, and I'm not done, you gotta work hard to get your life back. You must commit, despite all obstacles, fears and protestations (even from those for whom you started this fucking journey in the first place).

I can get off the floor without help (occasionally, while holding an almost 100 pound kettlebell in one hand, over my head. And? Michael Bolton, 106 pound bastard, is in the not too distant future).

I can walk the dogs without significant chafing.

I can make love to my wife without the overriding emotion being embarrassment.

My children now chide me for me for my new walk, one that is confident, maybe even a little cocky, but at least it isn't the old waddle. 

I can sprint without feeling like my knees are going to crumble to rubble beneath me.

I can do pullups (not a ton, but I'm working on that) Did 25 today, not consecutive but whatevs, it's better than hanging there feeling like your shoulders are going to come out of your sockets.

Along the way, I also got pretty strong, not as strong as I'm gonna be, but pretty strong. I realized that strong is better than skinny, and I don't need to make it back to 160 when 190 could be lean and strong as hell. I like being able to pick up heavy stuff and move it around and sweat, (and yes, sometimes I enjoy the incredulous looks when those folks who used to snicker [at least in my imagination] can't believe the pounds I'm carrying/pressing/and "getting up.") Already. Thing is, Jimmi says that "now the real work begins." Bastard.

I can look in the mirror and know that I'm stronger at 48 than I was at 28. And my family worries more about the fact that they haven't seen me eat lately, rather than all the shit they've lately seen me eat.

Yep, got my life back. Sounds simply, but there's some actual blood, sweat and tears in there.

Thanks to Evil Jimmy the best coach I've ever known, Jedi Master, Jim Beaumont and the lovely and talented (and, well, ball busting) Jennifer Ludington. You lead the way with honesty and clarity and care and humility and humor and conviction. And, most importantly, you lead by example.

I did (and will continue to do, forever) the heavy lifting, but you put the simple hard truth out there, every day. This fact is so simple and yet so very rare.

Michael Tapia - 10/14/14

The only thing that makes me sad about going to New Hampshire is I'm going to miss my classes with Chuck in the morning.  I have never felt so good about my body.  I've been 115 lbs and 165 lbs, but never felt strong and healthy.  It was only about image.  Now I feel it inside and out!  It's amazing!

Heidi Lane - 8/22/14

I tried out the Primal Yoga Flow last week with Abi Delfico and loved it!  It was an incredible experience, and can't wait to get back in for more.  I love all that you're doing at A2O and enjoy the great trainers and others that I've met there.  My trip there is often my favorite hour of the day. 

Paul Bolick - 8/5/14

Damir and I have been working out three days a week for about a year and it's been awesome.  He is always prepared and has a plan for each workout.  Every day is different and fun!  He has tremendous knowledge of body mechanics, muscle function, proper form, and tailors exercises to the individual abilities and needs of his clients.  He encourages his clients and instills confidence in getting to the next fitness level.  His very professional, pleasant, and positive attitude is a huge asset to his business, and to A2O Fitness.  Many thanks to Damir.  He is just the best!

Kristin Porter - 7/27/14

I moved to Boise from San Diego in December and was on the hunt for a Trainer.  A friend referred me to A20 Fitness and I was introduced to Damir for a sample training session.  It's been 6 months and I am stronger than I have ever been!!    Damir's principles and training regimen has absolutely transformed the way I see my body and my approach to living a healthy lifestyle.  Damir is not only full of knowledgeable, but extremely passionate and committed to helping his clients reach their goals.   He pushes me, he celebrates with me, and believes in me.  My family has even noticed my transformation!  Thanks D! 

Cheryl Werneth - 7/27/14

I had the privilege of meeting Damir a little over a year ago.  I have been a figure competitor for over 4 years now and have had some good success.  I was at a crossroads with my development and he was a new trainer at my gym A2O Fitness, with his experience and also a competitor, I chose to take him on as my trainer.  Wow!!!  What a great decision that was and I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to begin training with Damir.  His work ethic and knowledge are unsurpassed!   He not only pushes me to the level I need to go, he is a positive trainer that motivates me to be better.  He takes a personal interest in my success by customizing morkout on a weekly basi to continue to push me beyond my limits.  He is not a trainer that simply 'puts in the hour'.  Since I have started training with Damir, my physique has developed into a professional level quality and we are knocking at the door of my Pro Card.  This is not an easy task and it takes a team of like-minded, dedicated athletes.  I have been an athlete for most of my life and Damir is absolutely one of a kind!  His is intelligent, driven and a top notch class act.  He will get the job done for you! My recommendation is to hire him NOW!

Terri Schroeder Goins - 7/27/14

Primal Yoga Flow - It was a great work out. The class and activity was very different from any other "yoga" class I have attended.

Scott Madison - 7/9/14

My highest compliments to Damir Delic, you have a great employee who represents your business very well. He seamlessly combines his superior fitness knowledge with being personable and fun - he is an absolute pleasure to work with. Thank you for the recommendation - I couldn’t be more pleased ;-)

Dawn Aiken - 6/18/14

My energy level has been through the roof these last couple of weeks!!!! I feel younger and more alive than I have in many, many years! Diagnosed with Hashimoto's several years ago, I was experiencing all of the lovely side effects that go with it: NO energy, always tired, gained weight, foggy brain and emotional. Needless to say, I have been on a journey to get my fitness and health back to its most OPTIMAL state since! Well, the low fat diet wasn't working for me (even though that's what everyone said would help lose fat), I have to eat Gluten Free and limit dairy to reduce inflammation (due to auto-immune disease) routinely exercising and I STILL wasn't losing fat!!! Then......I accidentally heard about Cristy's 30 day weight loss plan on FaceBook and Internet. I scheduled my free consultation with her and FELT her conviction that her Diet plan would absolutely work for me. And guess what??? Cristy was right! Eating fat does not make you fat! This had been the biggest paradigm shift for me to embrace, but I'm all in now! MY Weight and Fat levels are WAY down and I'm not even finished yet. I will always incorporate this type of eating style in my life. Thank you so much Cristy for your help and encouragement along the way. When you have great health and feel fantastic, you are empowered and life's possibilities are limitless! Needless to say, I am one happy (ecstatic) gal  

Cathy Peterson - 6/15/14

You wouldn't think I would ever post anything like this BUT here I go! Yes I am small, yes I'm short and no I am not heavy. But I have battled weight gain and weight loss my entire life. My eating sucks and 30 days ago I decided to hire a professional nutritionist to help get me on track so that I can be healthy and around for many years with my little Blakester.

30 days lessons with Cristy CodeRed:  Everything I thought I knew about food and what is right for my body was WRONG, I can eat healthy and feel full all day long and not have to focus on calories, cheating only cheats myself and last but not least, the scale lies! If you are ready to make a change and are looking for a real, 100% of the time available for you, most incredible nutritionist then spend the money and contact Cristy! It was the best money I have ever spent and 30 days has completely changed my life. Still a few pounds and more muscle to go but this girl is the real deal! And if you're wimpy and can't take the truth...don't call her. She doesn't put up with it.

Trish Grohs - 6/13/14

Hit the next personal weight goal today, about 25 pounds down (still some more to go). Slow progress, but the needle keeps pointing in the right direction. Beyond the thinning, the stronger I get, the more heavy stuff I want to pick up and the more my conditioning improves, the more I want to push it. Thanks for helping reclaim parts of my life, James Allen Stanton and Jennifer Ludington. Jimmi says I should send the invoice for my mandatory new blue jeans to Jim Beaumont?

Michael Tapia - 4/20/14

I have been a member at gyms for over 30 days, but never felt like I belonged.  A2O is a very special place where everyone cares about every client that walks in.  You have created a unique and special place!

Lori Barnowski - 4/7/14

Sweet!!!!! I've lost 12 of the 13lbs I had to lose.  Now Monday is weigh in and measure, hopefully I'm at 15% body fat...probably need more work for that but almost there.  The A20 Fitness team of Stuart MacEwan and Cristy CodeRed have helped me in both training and eating a healthy way to get here..  When I've reached my goal, I will take a picture with both of them...so thankful!!!

Nicole Nagy Strickland - 3/27/14

Wondering if the 6 am version of HMKB (kettlebells) class is for you? Check out these testimonials from a couple of class participants.

I love coming to Katie’s HMKB class at 6am and seeing her smiling face. My workout is out of the way early and I feel energized for the entire day.  Thanks for making it fun Katie!  - Arden M. - 3/4/14

I love that you are such an uplifting person and when I leave the class, I feel so good about myself! -  Trisha N. - 3/5/14

I just started A20 Fitness a week ago and love it!  I had the best Kettle Bell class with Katie Ford!  It was my first class and first time at A20 and I couldn't be happier!  Katie was very informative and motivating!  The studio was fantastic!  Very cool vibe, clean and modern.  Loved Loved Loved it!  I'm sold, I just can't believe I waited so long to go!

Heidi L - 3/5/14

Just wanted to follow-up and say how much I appreciate Jimmi Stanton, his training style & guidance and enthusiasm for A2O Fitness.  Over the past 6 months I have achieved goals that I set more than 3 years ago that originally seemed impossible to attain.  Though I worked hard to hit those goals, I always seemed to “hit a wall” and stall out.  Then I met Jimmi.  He took the time during our initial workouts to carefully evaluate my strengths and weaknesses as well as listen to my goals and what was really important to me.  He then developed and customized a workout program specific to my needs and age that has allowed me to grow, maximize and sustain the Big Three lifts (Squat, Bench and Deadlift).  Earlier this year, for the first time ever, I deadlifted 405 lbs and deep squatted 225 lbs.  Even more exciting, at 55 I am stronger than I have ever been in my life.  So, not only did Jimmi develop and guide my path to current success BUT, I now have set much higher goals and am very confident, with Jimmi’s continued training and support, that I can achieve them.

Thank you Jimmi Stanton and A20 Fitness!

Greg Goins - 2/14/14

For years I have experienced joint and muscle pain. I have been to Drs who prescribe, PT who use ice and heat, Chiro. who adjust but no relief. I was referred to Jennifer at A2O for a nutritional consult. I have been on the Paleo diet for 12 days and my pain level has decreased 50%!!! Jennifer is AWESOME!

Corry Perkins - 2/7/14

I love Jimmi’s class.  It is great.  He has a good variety of exercises and throws in new stuff.  The classmates are fun, too!  They make me work harder.  

Mark Lavin - 1/13/14

CONGRATULATIONS to Courtney Conner Lehosit who placed 3rd runner up in the Mrs. Idaho American pageant! Here is what Courtney had to say about her recent win and her experience at A2O Fitness.

I am BEYOND excited to have placed 3rd runner up, amongst a record number of participants! Competing against a field of 39 amazing, strong, and intelligent married women was certainly an experience. More so, BreAnna & A2O's help and guidance during my final month of preparations, ensured that my body was in tip top shape for the swim competition.

Hugs to you both! And again, many many thanks for the help. I look forward to continuing my training with you all to help secure the title of Mrs. Idaho America 2015 at next year's pageant.

Courtney Conner Lehosit - 11/21/13

I started doing kettle bell training with "evil" jimmi as my trainer two weeks ago and I am elated.  The facilities at a2o are perfect for a REAL workout.  No unnecessary bs equipment, no amenities that I will never use, it's an actual place to workout.

That being said I should mention how nice the inside of the gym is.  It's sleek urban feel makes you feel like you have walked into a downtown big city club, towels and all.

Highly recommend giving A2O a try and especially trying out the awesome full body workout that is kettle bells! 

Mike T - 11/5/13

We all know someone who has made a profound effect on our lives. This past year I was lucky to have met Cristy, my trainer and dear friend. Her honesty, integrity, sincerity and compassion are traits I greatly admire. From her words of encouragement in the gym, "Lori get your hand off your knee, Lori get your hand off your knee, LORI GET YOUR HAND OFF YOUR KNEE!, "Throw your shoulders back," "Sprint on the balls of your feet," "BREATHE"..... to her scolding when I said I was intimidated to ride with a certain biking group, and for her all around personal advice. She can read a person like a book and makes no bones about calling you out on it. I have learned so much about myself this past year. Most importantly.....I have learned to never say never! She is a young woman who is wise far beyond her years.....thank you Cristy for being you!

Lori Barnowski - 10/30/13

I am LOVING the workouts.  I told Jimmi for the first time in 2 years I was able to start the lawn mower (pulling the cord) and I am finding that my daily tasks are taking less effort.  His attitude and follow up each time we are there is a real plus because I feel like he is truly interested in all of our progress. I can do 6 chin ups – how about that for 58 years and holding!

Donna Cooper - 10/30/13

Had my orientation workout today with Jimmi Stanton.  LOVE this place!  Kettlebells focus on form and function; right up my alley.  I will admit that my hamstrings wound up tighter than a clock on Sunday before we could finish my initial training--fairly certain this was due to a degree of dehydration--but I'll be ready next time.  So excited!  I went again today and thoroughly enjoyed my workout--it was challenging (for everyone there), the music was spot on, and I really like the facility.  Jimmi does great work there!

Shauna L Wallace - 9/25/13

Once upon a time, I was a college athlete.  Yes, it has been quite a while--20 years--but, I am still familiar with what it means to train, compete, and push oneself.  I know what it is to "eat right and exercise."  However, over the years it is all too easy to convince yourself that you're really not *that* out of shape and that you're really not eating all *that* badly.  So it was in the years just before I moved to Boise, a little over 4 years ago.

Shortly after moving here in 2009, I had a moment of clarity that involved a late night out, a good bit of stumbling on the way home, and shrubbery just outside my front door that I could have sworn was in dire need of slightly used alcohol and bar food.  It was after that night I realized, yeah I was in shape...but only because round happens to be a shape.  So, I joined a gym, worked out with a trainer, logged nutrition, started running, and had great success in losing weight and getting into a shape, other than round.

I ran a great deal and even entered in several races--a few 10k races, a 5k or two, and 6 half marathons.  Not too shabby for an ex-offensive lineman.  But, after the Race to Robie Creek, in 2012, I had a major relapse.  Oh, who am I kidding, it started before Robie.  I was in no shape to run that race--but, I got through it on sheer will and, perhaps, stupidity.  But, 2012 overall was just not a very successful fitness year for me.

So, I suppose it should have come as no surprise when I had my yearly wellness exam/checkup/reality check, and my weight was up--along with my cholesterol and triglycerides.  The weight continued to go up over the months after my checkup and in December I went back to the doctor complaining of heart palpitations when I would lie down at night to go to sleep.  I have a history of A-fib, so this did tend to concern me--especially since it was happening every night.  While at the doctor's office, December 17, 2012, I tipped the scales at 323 lbs.--the heaviest I've ever been.  Granted, I'll never be a small person--I'm 6'3" and have a fairly large frame, so I can carry some weight.  But 323 lbs. was far over what I can healthily support.

So, in early January 2013, I started tracking my calories, weight, etc. with an app on my phone.  I also started biking and slowly got back into jogging again.  This all made a huge difference and, yes, the pounds started to fall off again.

In May of this year, I made one of my pilgrimages back to Louisiana to see my mom, niece, nephews, and other family.  It was around this time that I had started to look into the whole Paleo diet/lifestyle.  I was mulling over the idea of diving into Paleo while at my mom's, but that was a joke with all the home cooked southern food so readily available.  I waited until getting back to Boise to give it a try--so, on June 4th I started my journey down the Paleo path.  I was down to 286 lbs. by this point just from counting calories and increasing my activity level.

Also around the time I started Paleo, a friend at work mentioned a fellow named Jimmi who used to work out and help coach over at Idaho Kettlebells with Jim Beaumont.  I was told that Jimmi was now working at a little place called A2O and that I should check it out since it's pretty close to where I live.  My friend was a bit insistent in his talk of just how awesome the kettlebell classes are and what a great guy Jimmi is, so I decided to give it a try.

So, to make an already long story a tad bit shorter--I ended up doing three personal training sessions with "Evil" Jimmi Stanton in early July.  We used these sessions to get me ramped up to speed on the kettlebell swing and a few other skills I would need for his Heavy Metal Kettlebell classes--or HMKB as we call it.  I started taking part in the classes on July 15th and it's been such an awesome adventure to this point!  The group at HMKB is so amazingly supportive of each other when it comes to workouts and living the Paleo lifestyle--which, in my opinion, goes extremely well with the HMKB workouts.  The body transformations and strength gains I have made since joining in on the fun at A2O are really amazing; each week I can feel and see the differences being made to my body.

As you may recall, I mentioned earlier some pretty ghastly and eye-opening results from my yearly wellness exam that I had done last year.  Well, I just went back for this year's round of lab work and I have to say--the difference is phenomenal.  As mentioned, I have only been living the Paleo lifestyle since June 4th, but I attribute a lot of the results to this way of eating and living.  Not that I wasn't getting  great results from the traditional method of "watch what you eat and exercise," but switching over to Paleo and taking part in the awesome HMKB workouts at A2O have shifted my transformation into a whole other gear.  So, without further ado, here are the numbers from both last year's exam and this year's.

Blood work for last year's exam was drawn on 8/21/2012. This year's blood work was drawn on 9/11/2013.  Triglycerides - From 306 in 2012 to 59 this year. (No, that's not a typo. That's a drop of 247 points.)  Cholesterol - From 228 in 2012 to 171 this year.  HDL - From 52 (which was too low) to 67 this year.  LDL - From 131 (too high) to 95 this year.  VLDL - From 61 (too high) to 12 this year.  Weight as of December 17, 2012 - 323.  Weight as of September 16, 2013 - 259.8.  Yeah, a loss of 63.2 lbs. since December 17th with 26.2 lbs. of that falling off just in the 3 months since starting the Paleo lifestyle and HMKB workouts at A2O.

Also of note, I'm in dire need of new clothes.  I'm fairly certain I've lost a couple of sizes in the waist.  I have been wearing a size 42 in pants for quite a long time.  Now with my belt on in the tightest notch, my pants are still loose.  I may actually be getting into size 38 pants for the first time since either high school or my freshman year in college.  How crazy is that!?

So, yes, eating right and exercising definitely make a difference.  And, I firmly believe that Paleo is the right way to eat.  Also, I *firmly* believe in the awesome support group that is HMKB at A2O Fitness.  Jimmi and the whole gang are some of the best around.  For anyone considering the Paleo lifestyle, I would highly recommend it.  Give it a good 6 to 8 weeks and throw in a few 30 - 45 minute kettlebell sessions each week with Jimmi and see if your body doesn't change for the better.

As they say at A2O Fitness--we DARE you!

Jerry Holman - 9/17/13

I have started going to the A2O workouts a couple times a week.  It took a couple times to get the rhythm of Jimmi’s routines, but now I really like it.  Great that it’s a 30 minute workout, each person can choose how hard to work, if I’m a couple minutes late it doesn’t hold up the others, and I can get in/be back in the lunch hour.  Also, Jimmi is very aware of injuries.  My shoulder is out again, so I have to be very careful, and Jimmi is able to do work arounds and watch so I don’t hurt it worse.

Ruth Nyqvist - 9/12/13

A2O Fitness was recommended to me by a friend who had been working out with them for a couple of months and had seen tremendous progress with weight loss. He also gained strength and range of motion.

I had recently had shoulder surgery to repair a broken shoulder, torn bicep tendon and rotator cuff. I had seen loss of range of motion and weight gain over the last few years. My first granddaughter was born in May, I turned 60 in March and I decided I wanted and needed to change my life style.

I met with A2O and decided on the nutrition and personal training program. The trainer I chose was Clay as he was the same trainer my friend was using. Jennifer and I set weight loss goals as well as goals for reduction in the percentage of body fat. We targeted eight weeks to meet these goals.

 Clay made it easy to transition from little activity to a full on training session. He worked the injured shoulder daily to strengthen it and increase the range of motion. This was critical to being able to expand the exercises I was able to do to increase core strength and further expand the range of motion.

The routines were far from routine, as we do new exercises daily to work on the core and targeted muscle groups. We faced challenges toward meeting the goals as I travel for work and had to miss several days at a time. Since I have started I have met several people working out either in classes or with another personal trainer. The group is beyond supportive and it is nice to get support for others working out who are in the extreme fit category to beginners like me. I felt extremely uncoordinated and awkward starting and could have easily been embarrassed by my performance compared to some of the others but everyone’s support and reassurance kept me going.

I started the paleo diet at the time I started the exercise program. The diet was not as challenging as it sounded during the free paleo session I had attended at A2O prior to signing up. Jennifer was very strict on diet guidance and was very informative on what to expect. It was not as hard as I thought giving up diet sodas and deserts. The paleo bars helped with the desert part.

 I did experience the carb flu at the 10 day point but saw the energy increase that follows. It was not hard to maintain on the road as well and this was a pleasant surprise. I now feel I will maintain this diet for life as it allows me to maintain my weight and energy levels to sustain the life I am starting to enjoy now, hiking and bike rides. This has made my wife very happy as well.

I was concerned with what this diet was going to do to my body and wanted to verify via my blood work. The bottom line is I not meet all my goals for the eight weeks but I am extremely happy with the results. I have lost forty pounds, twenty and one half inches and six percent body fat in eight weeks. The blood work I had done to coincide with the eight weeks came back with improved liver functions, no change in kidney functions, cholesterol dropped from 156 to 118, triglycerides dropped from 236 to 87 and HDL increased as well.

The bottom line is this program (diet and exercise) works with no side effects I can find. The team at A2O is great and it is a family environment that supports success for everyone independent of level.

Stan Gray - 7/26/13

Thank you A20 Fitness for introducing me to my new love of kettlebells!  If anybody is looking to mix up their cardio routine I highly recommend trying A20's kettlebell class with Jimmy.  He took the individual time away from the class to make sure my form was correct to ensure I would be receiving the full benefits during my workout and it made a HUGE difference for me.  Thank you so much James Alan Stanton and Jennifer Ludington; I am officially hooked!

Casey Fitzgerald - 6/21/13


Sure appreciate you and crew helping my partner Tom (and Judd).  Tom and Judd both are two of my wildly successful younger partners.  Both however, like me, can let our very consuming work (and their family responsibilities) ecl...ipse taking time for their personal health and I am thankful they working out with you and taking a little time for themselves.   They are great friends and partners and the kind of guys you can rely on…. I am  proud of them both.

Thanks again for your help.

L. Edward Miller
Givens Pursley

I've been training with Jenn for a little over 3 years now and it has been nothing short of life changing for me.   I came to her studio after battling life threatening viruses to regain simple strength with the goal in mind to achieve maybe 90% of my quality of life back.   Jenn, with her knowledge, has guided me though physical and nutritional thresholds, impossible thresholds, that I did not even know existed.   Not only did I reach that 90% goal, I have surpassed it and function at 150% capacity.  Better than I have ever been physically and nutritionally, my quality of life has never been better.  Thank you Jenn, for your genius and unsurpassed dedication to your passion of helping people live better lives!

Terri Schroeder - 6/7/13

Any of you who know me know that for the last 10 years my knees have been fried. Seriously fried. I was to a point where I had given up doing many activities I love and had lost all hope. One by one the activities going bye bye. My knees we...re getting worse and more painful and I was having dreams of wheelchairs, walkers, surgery etc.

Enter Jennifer Ludington and her incredible team at A20 Fitness. She took me in and proceeded to rehabilitate knees. Cut out gluten, sugar, dairy and 20ibs of body weight. In a month I went from not being able to bend my knees to pick up a sheet of paper off the floor to 20 deep squats and even burpees.

It might seem trivial to some but for me it is epic. I can't even express how grateful I am to Jenn and her crew. One month ago it was totally unthinkable for me.

Thanks to you all at A20 for giving me the guidance and support and mostly for giving me hope. I am eternally grateful.

Greg Sims - 6/6/13

Your team was outstanding. They were very organized and were fast learners or may be I am very effective Instructor :-) They were well prepared, worked hard, and their physically strength and conditioning was superior. You have a great staff of amazing athletes working at your studio.

It was great to have them with us and I believe they were enjoying the Suples training as well. You keep up the hard training and I will be bringing some more new training methods to you and your team.

Comments from Ivan Ivanov, Owner and Creator of Suples, about the team at A2O Fitness!  4/27/13

Did you realize that we offer hypnotherapy?  Available with:  Nataucha Christoffersen, B.A. C.HT. C. Hypnotherapist, NLP Coach and Timeline Coach.

Not sure if hypnotherapy works?

"Our family loves sports! Our four children are all athletes, its a way of life for all of us. Our son has always been highly competitive in sports and a loves basketball.  He was always a starting player and always an asset to any team. He recently started losing focus and ability, so we decided to give hypnotherapy a try. After just two sessions with Nataucha he got his mojo back and is now playing better than ever and focused on his game! We highly recommend Nataucha's expertise with Hypnotherapy for anyone struggling with barriers of any kind."

Centeno Family - 4/26/13

 "Jimmi truly listened to my individual needs and custom designed the perfect workout for me on the spot. He is professional, knowledgeable and motivated me. He gave me just enough science behind the exercises to make me understand the why behind the workout but not too much to overwhelm. Jimmi is a trainer I look forward to working with consistently to continue to increase my overall fitness, strength and power not just for cycling but for life."

Greg Goins, A2O Fitness client

Cyclist and fitness advocate - 4/21/13

After training 4 to 5 times per week at A2O Fitness' variety of group classes I have seen dramatic increases in my fitness level. I recently ran The Robie Creek Race here in Boise deemed by Runners Magazine the toughest half marathon in the North West. It was my first time running this race. Because of my consistent cross training and interval style high intensity workouts, my level of strength and conditioning allowed me to finish the race strong at a time under 1 hour and 40 minutes. I recommend cross training at A2O Fitness for anyone wanting to get in better physical shape while also having fun in a relaxed, welcoming environment with a knowledgeable staff that truly cares about your unique fitness goals.

Scott Madison - 4/22/13

2/20/13 - From our client Abigail Piron!  This is why we do what we do!

I do not normally send out "plugs" for things- but recently Andy and I were the fortunate "winners" of an auction item which provided us an opportunity to a year-long fitness program at A2O fitness. At the time I had friends who had been to A2O and raved about it but the last thing I needed was another "gym" and to be honest I typically prefer the outdoors as my gym. But needless to say - Andy and I embraced this opportunity to try something new and in the short time that Andy and I have been going there it has been nothing short of an amazing experience. Whether you (or your hubby) are looking to train for a race, get ready for summer, or simply get your butt kicked by one of the awesome trainers - this is an experience you will not regret. You will always get greeted with a smile and motivation that will remind you why you came to work out and sent on your way with a protein shake or one of Jen's (the owner) amazing "bars"(gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy-free deliciousness). The venue is more a fitness studio than a gym, and way less intimidating as a gym with one on one attention. For a total fitness program A2O will provide a nutritional program as well -

Having once been a small business owner, I know the value of viral marketing and I believe in the vision and dedication of the amazing trainers/staff at A2O -

So for whatever it is worth - stop by for a class (or come with me!!) or a 1x1 training... it is worth it!!!

There is my "plug" for 2013 :)  

We love our clients! Thanks Kelly Addis! Just a quick shout out to two pretty fabulous ladies - Jennifer Ludington & Jenny Mac, you guys are such an inspiration. I ♥ working out WITH you :) You have no idea how much you have impacted my life. Looking forward to more :)

Kelly Addis - 12/13/12

I finally got my test results in the mail today. I’ll bring in the full report next time I come in but here are the few things I was able to compare from last year’s test:



Total Cholesterol


TC/HDL Ratio

















Triglycerides went WAY down?? In additional to that, some really nice improvement! Thank you so much for teaching me how to eat right. I cannot believe how much better I feel…..and look! Love it!

-Patty Burke

Getting fit at A2O is like nothing I've ever experienced in a "traditional" gym. The trainers are so creative with their equipment and time restrictions. They incorporate unique, high energy routines that work every part of my body. My muscles are always surprised by the new workouts, maximizing my time and energy.

-Sarah Waddell

A few years ago I was seriously injured in a boot camp class at one of the local recreation centers, tearing my Achilles tendon, leaving me unable to walk for almost a week. Sooo when Jenn asked me to come try the benefits of their circuit training/ boot camp. I was a bit apprehensive; I really enjoy the ability of walking and teaching my yoga classes and being the studio owner I could not afford to be injured either.   I decided to come in and give it a try during a Friday class.  The class was well put together, always having two instructors and infused with a serious amount of enthusiasm and positive reinforcement. I never felt uncomfortable or discouraged. I will continue to attend the classes and plan or adding the Tuesday class to my training schedule. The entire crew at A20 Fitness is truly an example of living the life style challenge every day. The atmosphere at the studio will make anyone's day brighter just by walking in the door.

Thank you,

-Julia Jones - Co/founder, I am yoga

A2O has been a life game-changer for my wife and I.  Since starting there a year ago, we’ve embraced the A2O nutrition and physical fitness programs, and the results have been nothing short of amazing. Both of us have lost weight and body fat, and are at and easily holding targeted goals. Our physical strength and overall conditioning have improved tremendously, and perhaps most importantly we’re really happy with the choice we’ve made to make good health and fitness a life priority. None of this would have been possible without the incredible expertise, guidance and support of Jenn Luddington and her team at A2O.  Great people, program and facilities!

-David Ralston

At the end of a very stressful season in my life, I found myself 30 pounds heavier from cookie therapy. As a full time employee and mother of 3, I had the motivation, but lacked the time to organize the needed changes in my life. In stepped Allison and Jennifer with the wonderful ColorFuel meals plans and the A2O exercise classes. I finally had someone to just tell me what to do. The shopping lists provided made the changes easier and the recipes were great. I met my goal in only 3 months and I am stronger in my thirties than I can remember being. Thank you, ladies!

-Joy Luedtke

Saturday morning boot camp is my FAVORITE workout of the week. 7:00 am is the perfect time to get my workout out of the way before crazy Saturday kid's sports get underway. I love the mix of cardio/strength training and the nice group of people that attend A20. The routines have a great variety, and I learn a new exercise almost every week to incorporate into my own daily training. On a good day, I even feel like I am going to throw up before I leave! ha ha.

-Robin Ivanoff