Have you ever wondered WHY your personal trainer became involved in fitness industry? What motivates them to help you reach your health and fitness goals? We asked our team of personal trainers to explain their WHY. We feel that a trainer that understands their WHY, that walks-the-walk and has overcome obstacles can guide and support you to push through your self-imposed barriers and help you reach your goals. We Dare You to become your healthiest and fittest self in 2015!

I feel that an important piece of life's journey is about finding what allows each of us to serve others the best way we can. I find joy in helping people break through barriers and negative self-talk. I love to motivate and encourage others and help empower people through fitness, proper nutrition and personal physical strength. I feel that physical strength and physical health translates positively into every aspect of life.

I have always been athletic and into all types of sports growing up from track to volleyball to softball. I was good at all of them but never GREAT at one enough to lend me a scholarship or starting position at a Collegiate level. So I ran a lot, did marathons, continued to dabble with weights through college.

After college I picked up heavy weights for the first time and fell in love. I focused on getting certified as a personal trainer and found something I was great at! I was naturally stronger than most, which I never knew and that strength started translating to more positive changes in my personal life (and body composition)...finally I wasn't "skinny fat!!!!" I never looked back and went full steam ahead from that point forward.

Jennifer Ludington, Chief Fitness Officer

My path to fitness has been the stereotypical person that exercised for looks and to be thin.  I started working with a personal trainer in 2003, became physically stronger and more confident, but my focus remained on how I looked and burning off the calories that I closely monitored.  During 2011 I was experiencing an extreme amount of stress do to care taking my parents. During this time exercise became a way to manage my stress and became my escape. Eventually I was working out 15 hours a week, turning down invitations to dinner, fun events, anything that would result in a missed workout.  I was trying to manage my parents care, work 40 hours a week, working out 15 hours a week; my life felt out of control.

In 2012, through a series of events I met Jennifer Ludington. We connected immediately, I trusted her, something that is difficult for me.  She helped me understand that my “healthy habit” was actually an addiction that was hurting me, impacting my relationships and that I needed to get some balance in my life.  Jenn started me on the journey of focusing on nutrition and working out less.  After taking control of my eating and getting off the cardio hamster wheel my body composition changed and I became physically stronger, which resulted in increased confidence and a feeling of empowerment.  My 15 hours a week of working out became 5 hours. Jenn taught me that balance in life, fun and friends are paramount to health.  She helped ignite my passion for helping others to understand the importance of exercise and nutrition. Wanting to share my passion for fitness and nutrition, but not having a background in fitness I put my degree in marketing to use and became the Marketing and Social Media Director of A2O Fitness. My WHY is I want everyone to understand that with the right guidance and inspiration they can live a healthy and fit lifestyle, take control of their life and become empowered.

Gina Day-Price, Marketing & Social Media Director

It's 5:15 am and my alarm clock is raging. I never thought I would be signing myself up for something like this years ago. Until I found myself face-to-face with someone who wanted to make a lifestyle change, someone who was courageous enough to ask for help, someone who saw me as the person that could help them achieve their goals. At that moment I realized I'm not a trainer. That's not my role inside the gym. My role is to be a reason. A reason why you want to come back, by creating an inviting atmosphere, a reason that makes you share what you did in the gym by pushing you to your limits, a reason to get your mind off whatever it is that is bothering you that day, a reason that makes you feel accomplished and can do anything with a relentless effort and a spectacular attitude. I train because I know there is a fire in all of us. And in this part of life it's a fire I know I can ignite. There is no better feeling knowing that I could be the change in somebodies day rather if it's putting you through a hard workout, listening to you get something off your chest or offering advice. Workouts aren't for everybody but when you can show commitment in the gym, it makes everything else in life seem manageable. That's why I do what I do. I love being the fire starter! Physically and mentally! That's why at 5:15 am I can put my feet on the floor and get ready to walk into the gym as if I'm ready for a Friday night! It's go time, it's my time, somebody is going to get a fire lit today!

Chuck Hayes

Why I do what I do is simple. It gives me a chance to help others in the same way that I have been helped by mentors, trainers, and coaches throughout my life. Due to numerous injuries, I ended up being inactive for a while and gained a bunch weight one time. The road back to a healthy weight and fitness level was a challenging one to say the least. With much support from many people I was able to lose 60 lbs. and get my life back. So being involved in the health and fitness industry is important to me so I can give back and help others gain or maintain their desired fitness levels, so they too are able to enjoy a life that they deserve.

Clay Lisle

My why is 100% family. I want my family to be comfortable and be able to spend time with them. I choose to train clients because I’m really good at it and it gives me the income, satisfaction and time to care for my family.

Stuart MacEwan

As for my WHY (simple and sweet).  I truly hope to share and receive compassion with others.  I find it to be the deepest meaning of life...to love and be loved.  As a piece of my life...I adore the health and fitness industry.  The body is an exponentially brilliant thing where many of the basics of life begin, grow, and hopefully manifest joy and self-respect.  I choose the health avenue because I am thrilled to see people ignited by themselves and others.  Whether the flame large or small...it all results in success, perseverance, purpose, and joy.  To share this with others is beyond sweet!!!

BreAnna Craig

 Living your passion is felt like a contagious energy by those that are surrounded by it. Helping others achieve their goals, find their inner strength and confidence, and reveal their radiance is my reward and fulfillment that refuels my fire daily.

Abi Delfico